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Calendar of Events

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March 3rd - Support Group

April 7th - Support Group

May 5th - Support Group

August - The Barn

June 2nd- Support Group

July 7th - Support Group

August 4th - Support Group

September 8th - Support Group

September 17th - Blue Jean Benefit

October 6th - Support Group

November 3rd - Support Group

December 1st - Support Group Christmas Party

*Dates subject to change please call us at 402-562-8666 to RSVP for events to ensure the date is correct.

Other Projects


2017 - Rachel Oceguera was awarded a Youth Philanthropy Grant through the Columbus Area Philanthropy Council.  She used her grant money to put together a project called Hair Care with a flair, where she put together bags with all of the essentials for those who get wigs through the foundation.

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