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Transportation for Patients​

Any cancer patient needing a ride to cancer related appointments.

Columbus Cancer Care Support Group

​​We meet the 1st Tuesday of each month at Columbus Cancer Care.  

We invite anyone whose life has been touched by cancer.

Cancer Resource Room

All materials are provided to any person with a cancer diagnosis for free. We provide educational materials, wigs, and prothetics breasts. We also have some hats and scarfs.

Hotel Accommodations


Patients that live more than 40 miles from Columbus may qualify for free room while undergoing treatment.



Bag It

A personalized guidebook that empowers cancer patients and their care team by keeping their information organized and easily accessible.

Gas Cards

Gas cards are provided to patients who travel more than approximately 20 miles each way for cancer treatment.

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Marilyn's Hope

​Through the generosity of Roger Seefeld. We are able to provide electric lift chairs to patients.  

Educational Talks

​In cooperation with Dr. Keit and the Columbus Cancer Care staff, we have provided different educational talks to several groups throughout the community and surrounding area.  If you are interested in having a guest speaker please feel free to contact us.

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